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Planning for our future transportation needs, while reflecting on the past and present. Consulting on urban transportation planning studies including:

developing, validating, and calibrating statewide, urban, and regional travel demand models; 

researching best practices for studies on national, statewide, long-distance & rural travel;

preparing comprehensive, multi-modal long-range transportation plans;

forecasting travel demand for highway and transit projects;

conducting travel behavior and origin-destination travel surveys of all transportation modes; 

authoring and delivering training workshops/courses in travel demand modeling; 

studying site impacts (e.g., developments of regional impact and concurrency management); 

assessing the feasibility of expressways, bridges, managed lanes, and interchanges; 

compiling and analyzing socioeconomic/demographic data for travel demand models; and  

providing leadership on national and regional transportation planning conferences.



Honesty, integrity, discipline, responsiveness, and fiscal responsibility at the core. Over 35 years of experience consulting on a full range of transportation planning projects in 21 states and commonwealths, including work for the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, State Departments of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, local governments, and private interests.



Here to support your team, whether you need a consultant to fill a niche role, provide advice, add depth, or provide supplemental resources.

Contact Information for FuturePlan Consulting, LLC

rob.schiffer@futureplan.us | https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-schiffer-361398b/

1256 Walden Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32317 | (850) 570-8958 | (850) 877-1995



Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Group 13 - Planning

13.4 - Systems Planning

13.5 - Subarea/Corridor Planning

FDOT Small Business Certification

FuturePlan Consulting, LLC is certified by FDOT under its Small Business listings for work groups 13.4 and 13.5

Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) - Transportation Planning

1.01 Statewide Systems Planning

1.02 Urban Area and Regional Planning

1.04 Mass and Rapid Transportation Planning

1.05 Alternate System and Corridor Location Planning

GDOT Small Business Certification

FuturePlan Consulting, LLC is certified by GDOT under its Small Business listings for consulting.

16th National TRB Tools of the Trade Conference

Mr. Schiffer recently served as Technical Chair for the 16th National Tools of the Trade Conference on Transportation Planning for Small and Medium Sized Communities, sponsored by the Transportation Research Board.  This conference was held in Kansas City, Missouri on August 22-24, 2018.   Plans have begun for the 17th National Conference to be held in 2020.  please visit our committee website for more information:   http://www.trbtoolsofthetrade.org/ 

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